My yoga journey

I came to yoga at a very hard time in my life. In May 2013 I miscarried my first pregnancy. It led me into a spiral of depression and anger. I already had an adversarial relationship with my body, being a plus-sized woman, but now my body had failed not only me, but my baby as well.

In November of that year, in an attempt to pull myself out of my depression, I went to a yoga 101 class at a local studio. I wanted to find myself again, and I had heard that yoga could help with that. I felt very nervous and insecure, sure I was going to be the only fat person in the room, but I had to do something! It turned out I was the only person who showed up, but the teacher was kind and welcoming and taught the class for me anyway.

I began to attend yoga classes and practice at home on and off. I became pregnant again, and yoga was wonderful for managing the stress I faced being pregnant after a loss. In September 2014 my son was born, happy and healthy. Unfortunately, I was not so healthy. Giving birth had caused a flare up of an autoimmune disorder, and it took me over a year to find a doctor who would take my symptoms seriously. During this time, I was having serious joint pain and was rarely able to do yoga. My depression came racing back into my life.

Finally, in January 2017 I began to get treatment for my disease, and I began to feel better. Yoga has been instrumental in helping to keep my joints lubricated and my stress levels low. In August 2017 I began my yoga teacher training, and I haven’t looked back!

My goal in teaching yoga is to offer everyone the chance to make peace with the body they live in. It’s not always comfortable or easy, but you can improve your relationship with your body, and even learn to love it!



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