Kristen Lenth, 200 RYT

At a low point in her life, Kristen wandered into a yoga studio looking for answers about life and the universe. She found so much more than she could have imagined! After four years of regular practice she attended yoga teacher training at Blossom Studio in Laramie, WY. What began as a way to deepen her own practice turned into a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

Kristen draws on years of struggling with negative body image and chronic pain to create yoga classes that are welcoming to people of all body shapes, sizes, and physical capabilities. She strongly believes that every body is a yoga body. She has completed additional certifications in Curvy Yoga and Yoga for All and is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.


Kristen is also a classically trained singer and voice teacher, and she enjoys finding new ways to incorporate yoga into the voice studio.