inner voice yoga

Do you want to feel amazing in your body, just as it is right now?

Do you want to improve your confidence?

Do you want to try yoga but you aren't sure how to get started?

Do you want to learn yoga pose variations that work for your unique body?

Book a private or semi-private yoga session! Together we will design practices tailored to your individual needs and goals:

  • Yoga for improved body image

  • Pose variations for larger bodies

  • Yoga for arthritis or chronic pain

  • Kick-start your home practice

Visit the private sessions page for more info or contact me to set up a free consultation!

"To be in tune with ourselves, we must get quiet and listen and then heed this inner voice. This voice does not push or bombard or make promises. This inner wisdom simply knows what we need to be vital, healthy, and in deep harmony."

                                        ~Deborah Adele

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